Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gift Tree's Little Devil Baby Giveaway!

We all have a little devil in our lives. Whether it's the little one who is constantly coloring on our walls, flushing things down the toliet, or the one who's still so itty bitty and keeps us up to all hours of the night. What would be a more fitting halloween costume than a devil?

Gift Tree is hosting a giveaway for a Little Devil Baby Ensemble. This costume is sure to get laughs, and be completely perfect for your little one's first halloween! This devilish contest runs through Oct. 15th, at midnight.


HOST: Gift Tree

DEADLINE TO ENTER: Oct. 15th, at midnight

HOW TO WIN: Visit The Gift Exchange, the Gift Tree's blog, and leave a comment with your baby's name and perhaps a little tidbit about him or her.

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