Monday, October 27, 2008

Shake The Salt's Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway!

Are you completely lost without any idea to get Uncle Mike? Not sure what new toy would be best for your cousin's toddler? Check out Shake the Salt's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. There is a long, and I do mean LONG, list of participants. You will find tons of holiday gift ideas at affordable prices! While you are shopping, take the time to enter the contests you come across. You could win goodies for yourself, of items to gift for the holiday season!
From the Shake the Salt website:
"Giveaways will be featured throughout the Gift Guide so check those out, enter, and you could win something nice for yourself or a great gift for someone else. The deadline to enter the giveaways is November 20, 2008 @ 11:59 PM. You must enter on each post where the giveaways are listed in order to be entered."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I See You!

I see you all coming onto the site and leaving via contest links, but I don't know who you all are! Starting Monday, and every Monday after there will be a "Getting To Know You - Monday" feature. There will be a little contest associated with each week. A winner will be chosen at random, and their blog will be featured on Mondays. Look for the contests to post on Fridays.

It's a fun way for me to get to know my readers, and for you to spread the word about your blog - whether it's a family blog, a photo blog, or a product/business blog! Share Share!

This week, please write a short poem about your blog. Use the letters of your blog name to pick a word that starts with the same letter to describe you or your blog... Like this:

C ool
O utrageous
N ew
T -
E -
S -
T -

P -
A -
L -
O -
O -
Z -
A -

A winner will be chosen at random, and your blog will be featured on Contest Palooza on Monday October 27th!

OhanaMamaBlog's Momspit Giveaway!

The name says it all - Momspit. You know, the stuff that makes your kids scream "EWWW!" or your husband die in shame? Well here's an alternative that your kids and husbands will be thankful for. Momspit is a wipeless wipe that comes in three scents. Bonus? It has never been tested on animals! OhanaMamaBlog is hosting a giveaway to win a Spitkit - three bottles of Momspit. Your family will thank you if you win this one!

From the MomSpit site:

"At MomSpit, delivering creatively clean and user-friendly skincare products is what we do with passion and joy. MomSpit no-rinse cleansers add quality, convenience and sheer enjoyment to life's daily activities. We're all about good, clean fun. We know you want only the best for yourself, your friends and your families, so you'll love using MomSpit products for a fresh and clean feeling anytime and anywhere."



PRIZE: SpitKit - 3 2oz MomSpit Bottles

DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 26th at mindnight Hawaii time

HOW TO WIN: Leave a comment on OhanaMamaBlog about a time you've had to use the original mom spit. That's it! There are bonus entry opportunities as well, so be sure to check them out!

OhanaMamaBlog's CurlyQ Cuties Giveaway!

Looking for a unique baby shower idea? Or a fun gift for the little monster cutie in your life? CurlyQ Cuties offers custom made plush monsters that are scary cute! Best of all, OhanaMamaBlog is hosting a giveaway where you can win your own custom monster!


SPONSOR: CurlyQ Cuties

PRIZE: A custom monster

DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 28th at midnight Hawaii time

HOW TO WIN: Visit the CurlyQ Cuties site and explore the gallery for ideas on what kind of monster you'd like to design. Surf back to OhanaMamaBlog and share your design. Like always there are extra ways to enter! Good luck!

OhanaMamaBlog's Chicks-n-Chickens Giveaway!

Have you been searching for the perfect "mommy and me" workout? Frustrated with those boring workout dvds that lack motivation? Surf on over to OhanaMamaBlog and check out the giveaway she's sponsoring for a Lullabye Express workout dvd! This is a wonderfully relaxing "mommy and me" workout. She even shares a video clip for you to preview!


PRIZE: Lullabye Express workout dvd

DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 29th at midnight Hawaii time

HOW TO WIN: Visit the Chicks-n-Chickens site and look around. Come back to OhanaMamaBlog and leave a comment sharing why you need this dvd. There are extra ways to enter too!

MySentimentsExactLee's Inspired by Finn Giveaway!

There's a wonderfully new up and coming blogger at MySentimentsExactLee. She's a wonderful mama to two precious boys, and has just started a blog where you can find her rants and raves as well as product reviews and contests! This week she's hosting a giveaway from Inspired by Finn for an awesome amber teething necklace! If you haven't looked into amber, it's a natural analgesic. Beads are strung on a necklace and provide pain relief for teething babies. You can also find necklaces and bracelets in adult sizes for arthritis pain, headaches, etc. We have them in our house, and I swear by them for my teething kiddos! (Which happens to be from Inspired by Finn!)


HOST: MySentimentsExactLee
SPONSOR: Inspired by Finn
PRIZE: A Baltic amber teething necklace
DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 28th at midnight EST
HOW TO WIN: Visit the Inspired by Finn site and pick out your favorite color necklace. Return to MySentimentsExactLee and share with her your pick and any battles with teething you've had in the past. There are bonus entries available as well!

The Mom Buzz's Custom Blog Design Giveaway!

Want the Buzz on a cool blog with even cooler blog designs? The Mom Buzz is featuring Custom Blog Designs, and hosting a giveaway. Her designs are cute and chic. She offers anything from a la carte features like a custom signature or sidebar tags, to a complete blog makeover. She also does digital scrapbook pages and photo cards as well! (Just in time for the holiday season!)


HOST: The Mom Buzz
SPONSOR: Custom Blog Design
PRIZE: Custom Blog Header
DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 29th and midnight EST
HOW TO WIN: Visit Custom Blog Design and pick out your favorite design in the "Sites I've Done" section. Return to The Mom Buzz and leave a comment with which design you chose, along with your email address so you can be contacted if you win. Be sure to check out the ways to earn bonus entries as well!


Sickness has taken over the whole Contest Palooza house. Now that we are all healthy again, Contest Palooza will be back in action, providing you with links and info for all the hottest contests currently running!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Grand Opening Giveaway! is a new site geared at women. You can find articles on anything from parenting, beauty and fashion, home and food, entertainment, and living green. There is also a forum where you can meet and talk to other women just like you. There is a wide variety of forum topics to participate in, which correspond with the article topics.

If you are looking for a fun new place to chat and make friends, check out

They are having a Grand Opening Contest which runs now through November 15th.

All you have to do is register on the site. Then begin participating. The more article comments and forum posts you make, the more entries you recieve. Each article comment or forum post is worth one entry. The more entries you recieve, the better your chances to win.

What could you win?


1st Place Winner: $500 gift card (Your choice of,,,,, or

2nd Place Winner: $200 gift card (Your choice of,,,,, or

3rd - 10th Place Winners: $50 gift card (Your choice of,,,,, or

Winners to be announced on November 18, 2008.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Parenting.Com's Top 25 Toys of the Year Giveaway! is giving away a complete set of it's Top 25 toys of the year to one lucky entry! All you have to do is follow this link to enter:

The deadline is Nov. 17th at midnight. Winners will be chosen on or around that date, and the winner will be notified on or around Dec. 17th. This contest prize is valued at $1000! For complete rules, please visit

From the website:

"We made a list, checked it twice, and our army of Mom Testers whittled down
hundreds of nominations to come up with the 25 hottest toys. The best part? You
can win them all! We're giving away a complete set of our Toys of the Year to
one lucky winner."

Gift Tree's Little Devil Baby Giveaway!

We all have a little devil in our lives. Whether it's the little one who is constantly coloring on our walls, flushing things down the toliet, or the one who's still so itty bitty and keeps us up to all hours of the night. What would be a more fitting halloween costume than a devil?

Gift Tree is hosting a giveaway for a Little Devil Baby Ensemble. This costume is sure to get laughs, and be completely perfect for your little one's first halloween! This devilish contest runs through Oct. 15th, at midnight.


HOST: Gift Tree

DEADLINE TO ENTER: Oct. 15th, at midnight

HOW TO WIN: Visit The Gift Exchange, the Gift Tree's blog, and leave a comment with your baby's name and perhaps a little tidbit about him or her.

An Island Life's Little Jet Set Giveaway!

Holiday travel time is fast approaching! Do you have little ones that you travel with during the holidays to visit family? Are you taking family vacations often? Or are you a kid at heart that enjoys something snuggly while you sleep? Little Jet Set offers a variety of games, bags, pillows and blankets, and clothing for your little traveler.

An Island Life is hosting a Little Jet Set giveaway! You can enter to win a Zoobie Travel Pet, Ellema the Elephant! Hurry hurry, this giveway ends Oct. 18th!


SPONSOR: Little Jet Set

HOST: An Island Life

PRIZE: Ellema the Elephant


HOW TO WIN: Visit the Little Jet Set website and pick out your favorite item. Return to An Island Life and leave a comment stating which product is your favorite! Make sure to check out the other ways to recieve extra entries!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Window Shoppe's Kiss My Face Kids Giveaway!

Looking for a green bath product for you kiddos? Kiss My Face has a line of totally natural bath products for you little ones. They smell super yummy, too!

Want to know more about the product? Head to Kiss My Face Kids to learn more. There are some free fun stuff for the kids too! While you're there, pay close attention to the products and phrases. Then head on over to the Little Window Shoppe and leave a comment to fill in this blank “a _____ of a soap”. Leave a comment on her blog to be entered to win a kids bath set. Two winners will be chosen. This giveaway ends October 15.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peekaboo Pick's Princess Time Toys' Giveaway!

What little girl doesn't dream of growing up to be a princess? Make all your little one's dreams come true with these adorable dress-up costumes!

Peekaboo Picks is hosting a giveaway sponsered by Princess Time Toys. One enchanted reader will win a Deluxe Gown and matching accessories! This could be one little girl's ultimate Halloween costume!

All you have to do is go to the Princess Time Toys website and pick out your favorite gown and accessory, then head back to Peekaboo Picks and leave a comment with your favorites. This giveaway ends October 12 at midnight PST.

OhanaMamaBlog's Toss-Me-Not sippy Cup Holder Giveaway!

What's the #1 game babies love, and parents love to hate? Oh, that's right! The pick up game. Have a youngster who's at that age, and this game is driving you batty? Need a shower gift for a new mom who'd love any helpful items that only a veteran mama would know about? The Toss-Me-Not Sippy Cup Holder is your answer!

Surf on over to OhanaMamaBlog for your chance to enter one of these sweet items! All you have to do is visit the Pitter-Patter Boutique and pick out your favorite design. Surf back to OhanaMamaBlog and leave a comment stating your favorite design. There are extra entry opportunities too! This giveaway ends October 11 at midnight Hawaii time.

OhanaMamaBlog's BabyMomento Giveaway!

OhanaMamaBlog is hosting a green giveaway! Ever recieve an e-card in your email? Hate addressing envelopes and buying stamps? Trying to find unique and creative ways to be green? BabyMomento is the answer. BabyMomento offers a wide range of green baby announcements. Each can be personalized with your own photo of the new addition. Along with announcements, they also offer holiday cards.

All you have to do is surf on over to OhanaMamaBlog, leave a comment with which BabyMomento design you'd choose. She has ways to earn extra entries too! This giveaway ends October 9th at midnight Hawaii time.


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